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Simple Vanilla Coffee Recipe

Coffee is an essential part of most people’s lives. Why not give it a little funk and flavor it with something special. Vanilla is perfect to give coffee this special gourmet’ vibe with its rich and creamy flavor.

How to:

For 2 350 ml (about 8.5 oz) mugs of medium strength coffee use 3 heaped tsp of ground coffee beans and 1/2 tsp of Summer Day Naturals’ Vanilla Bean Powder. Add vanilla to ground coffee beans before brewing.

When done, drink it with sugar, honey, cream, black, add coconut oil or however else is your favorite way. I love my coffee with honey, cream and a little bit of coconut oil. The richness of vanilla gives it pleasant, sweet aroma and heavenly flavor.

After making it for the first time you may adjust the amounts according to your taste.


Simple Vanilla Coffee Recipe

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