Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vanilla Bean Powder

The best ratio is 1:1, although this ratio is just a great starting point. Personal preferences vary a lot.  Please keep in mind, that vanilla extract is produced using alcohol and for that reason the flavours differ greatly. Start with 1:1 and see how it suits for you!

Our Vanilla Bean Powder is made from completely raw, whole vanilla beans are ground up. They are not supposed to dissolve. You can think of it like cinnamon – it will give out flavour and some colour, but it doesn’t dissolve.

Vanilla is similar to many other spices – you cannot experience the true scent when just opening the pouch. It kind of needs to be activated by something. Add 1-2 tsp. to your ground coffee beans before brewing and see how your kitchen fills up with this rich aroma.

No. Our vanilla beans are grown with no chemicals used – we ourselves want to consume pure, chemical-free food. Despite that, getting USDA organic certificate is very expensive. Our business supports several small farms. As a small company, we just cannot afford to make the certificate for all of them. Rest assured, our vanilla beans grow in the mountains and are clean.

You most likely tasted the powder straight from the pouch. Just like with the scent, you cannot experience true flavours tasting the powder on its own. Try it in a coffee, for example! You may also add it to your home-made ice-cream recipe, in a pudding or in a smoothie. Let it sit a little and then taste the rich and creamy vanilla flavour.

Fortunately, it is also an easily solved problem – play with the amounts. People are all very different, which means our taste-buds differ a lot. The amount that is enough for one person, may not be enough for the other. We have an example from home from the first days we tested our product – naturally we made vanilla-coffee for every visitor we had. As for us, we need rather little to get the intensity of flavour we want in our vanilla-coffee. Depending on the intensity we seek, as little as 1/2 tsp per 2 cups is enough. One of our best friends felt nothing at that amount. So we added more. She needs about 1.5 times more than we do. And that’s just how it is. Feel free to find the amount that satisfies your personal needs.

Naturally, if you are not happy, you will get a full refund!

It is not supposed to. Vanilla extract is usually made by soaking the vanilla in alcohol, vanilla sugar is commonly not real vanilla at all and it is synthetic. So is the white-coloured vanilla powder.

Vanillin is the compound present in vanilla beans, which gives them the distinct flavour. In natural beans, there is much more to the flavour than just vanillin, which makes it different from its synthetic alternatives.If you have tried anything soaked in alcohol or white vanilla (which is chemically manufactured), you haven’t tasted the real thing.  Give the natural, raw powder a couple of tries. Forget the synthetic, artificial vanilla flavour and let your senses accustom to raw vanilla. You will feel the difference and it is a good thing!

No. Our beans are ground up in a facility that only houses vanilla beans. Our powder is packaged in an FDA approved facility, that doesn’t handle anything containing these allergens. Despite that, we recommend to always proceed with care, if severely allergic.

No. Our powder is only and only ground up vanilla beans. The shade of brown may vary due to different growing locations, soil, curing methods etc.

Vanilla plant itself is not a sweet plant and there are no sweeteners added to our powder. The aroma is soft and seems like it is sweet, but you still need to add sweeteners to your coffee/smoothie/baked goods.

Please contact us through our website and your question will be answered within 48 hours.