We live in a very unbalanced world, where there are so many people caught in a circle of misfortune at some point in time. There are people who have been injured seriously, children with birth defects and families who have lost their homes in a catastrophe, fire, flooding. We have orphaned children, single parents who lost their loved one to an accident, elderly with no food on the table. We have people for whom hunger is a part of their daily lives. This doesn’t mean they are lazy – there are situations that you can’t escape from without any help.. and we have children who don’t get Birthday nor Christmas presents. Their families can not afford them due to several different reasons. Sometimes it’s a loss of a parent, sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes it’s losing job.

This is a sad world for them. We strongly believe that when every person helps a little, it will eventually change the world. Donating just one dollar makes a huge difference  – think about it – if 100 people would give one dollar, there would be 100$! This will change lives. An elderly Grandma would get at least week’s worth of food, a child can get warm clothing for the harsh winter, people with injuries/disabilities are helped with that money. Hey, a kid can get food on the table and may be even a small Christmas present!

Apart from humans, there are mistreated animals. Of course by humans. They need help, too.

We are not asking you to help all of them at once, but keep in mind, that every single cent makes a difference. When 5 people donate 20 cents, it’s already a whole dollar!

We, as a family, participate in helping people. We buy food for the homeless when we see one on the street (and yes, even a loaf of bread will make a difference for the hungry!). We give away clean and well-kept clothes we don’t need any more. The possibilities are endless and every single one of them can make someone happy and get their bellies full.

As a company, we make donations to several organisations, but more often we donate to regular people who have encountered something awful in their lives. Internet is a powerful tool and cries for help will reach lots of people, while sometimes not reaching any organizations.

We, too, can not help everyone. We can not donate thousands, but we make the small things count.

Summer Day Naturals has been donating from the first day it was born. Sometimes very little, but as said – very little can make a difference. Here are some examples..

We have supported:

  • A project that will bring presents to Christmas stockings for kids in orphanages, for children hiding from a violent parent and for children in poverty.
  • An Elephant park in Thailand, that treat and take care of elephants that have been badly injured by humans. The stories are more than sad and you can read all about it (and become a sponsor) on this page – http://www.saveelephant.org. The money is used to cover the food and medical bills for those gorgeous animals.
  • .. a sick man who was unable to pay for the diagnostics of his problem. He is disabled and can’t get a job, but he has a willpower.
  • .. several children with serious illnesses to get the treatment they need to recover. Sometimes the families needed to go abroad. The donations were made based on a single story and there have been many of them.
  • .. animal shelters who take care of dogs and cats who have been abandoned, tortured, mistreated by humans. Most of these donations have been namely – this means that the money went to cover the certain animal’s surgery or treatment. The injuries have been devastating and cruel.
  • .. Estonian Cancer Society to help families of children undergoing cancer treatment. The money will be used to build Estonia’s first cancer council centre to support cancer patients and their families.
  • .. a children’s hospital to help them provide comfortable chairs in the ICU for newborn and babies, so their Mothers could have a little rest while being there for their babies.
  • .. a widow who lost his wife and youngest son in a house-fire. He was left alone with 3 small children. They lost everything they had and needed urgent help to cover the basic needs.
  • .. a family of four, whose 2-year old got sepsis. The support was through buying a book written by the Mother. The money was used to pay for the huge hospital bill. Their baby-girl is back to full health by now.
  • .. a single-mother of 4 who needed some help to get a simple apartment that would keep the heat in during cold winter.
  • .. Christmas present projects for children in orphanages – every child sent a letter to Santa through the social workers and everybody could donate a present for a child of choosing. The amounts were set roughly and all the kids got the presents thanks to thousands of people. Some wishes were as small as CD-s, some dreamed of LEGO-s, model cars, bikes etc.. All of them got their one wish come through. I know that they would prefer a Mom and Dad before any present, but they got as happy Christmas as it was possible without loving parents.
  • .. children fighting for their lives – the most recent donation went to little Annabel (7), who is battling awfully aggressive cancer, neuroblastoma.
  • .. a family who lost their baby-girl to an aggressive infection before she turned 1.
  • .. A Children’s home to change their heating system before the cold winter.
  • .. Small Christmas presents to children in low income families.
  • .. An elderly lady, whose husband died and she was left with some financial troubles.
  • .. A little girl born with Rett syndrome, by covering her treatments for several months and hope to continue to do so.
  • .. fixing a car for a family with 2 disabled children.

These are the ones we could recollect from the top of our heads. There have been more and there will be more. We encourage all the people to take a look around them – may be your neighbor has problem feeding their family..maybe a Grandma is alone somewhere and would like to get some company.. may be there is a child in your kid’s class who doesn’t get his/her belly full at home. You can occasionally, delicately ask them over for lunch/dinner. What is small act for you, may mean the world for the other. Small things matter!

Internet is a powerful tool and cries of help reach to many people, while sometimes not reaching any organisations. Therefore we encourage you to react to those cries even if they are not organisation-related.

This page is created to show you, that we are a small company that cares. Summer Day Naturals has a great mission in life. We are taking baby-steps, but hey, these are steps, too!

PS: This means that a part of every purchase from Summer Day Naturals will go to charity – you are already making a difference. We thank you for the help that we are able to provide for the people in need. Thank you!